About us

LAstrA brings together professional astrologers, astrology schools and astrology enthusiasts

The Latvian Association of Astrologers is a non-profit organization uniting professional astrologers, schools of astrology and people interested in astrology. The Association was founded on May 4, 2000 in Riga with the aim to promote the art and science of astrology, as well as to facilitate the professional growth of astrologers and coordinate activities of astrologers in Latvia.

The main objectives of the Association are to promote understanding and perception of astrology in the society and support the high standard of professional ethics of astrologers in Latvia. This is why an important part of our work is to promote a dialogue with the society and organize meetings and seminars to facilitate the professional growth of astrologers. We have approved unified basic programs of astrological studies and defined criteria for professional qualifications of astrologers in Latvia. We are open to cooperation with other organizations of professional astrologers.

Our contacts: https://lastra.lv/vadiba